Social and Community Participation

We all know that getting out and about is vital for both our physical and mental health, yet it is something that can be difficult if you have any form of disability. 
Increasing social and community participation for people with disability has many benefits, including improved wellbeing for themselves and their carers. There are well-documented improvements seen across health, employment, education, income and life satisfaction.
Improving access to community participation and removing socialisation barriers is also known to reduce longer-term care and support costs for people with disability. 
The NDIS funds community participation in three different areas: 
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation under Capacity Building Supports
  • Community and Social Activity under Core Supports
  • Improved Daily Living Skills under Capacity Building  Supports
Our qualified and dedicated AussieCare Foundation staffs are available to meet with you to discuss your NDIS Plan and any provisions that have been made for social and community participation.

Why choose AussieCare Foundation

We provide many opportunities for you to be more involved with your local community, make friends, learn something new and enjoy every minute of it! We’ll pick you up from your doorstep, come with you to the activity of your choice and bring you home again afterwards.
Some of the things we can organise with you include:
  • personal development courses
  • join a social group
  • take an outing or plan a holiday
  • visit your local library
  • see a movie or a concert
  • go to community events
  • volunteer
  • try a new hobby, like arts and crafts, music, drama, or photography
  • join a sporting club
  • and more!
Most of all, AussieCare Foundation recognises these activities should be fun! Our local knowledge means we can talk to you about what’s happening in your area and find the things you want to do.
Get in contact with us today, and we’ll help get you out and about tomorrow.